REFORMER classes

ALL LEVELS WELCOME. This reformer pilates class can be an upbeat and vigorous workout combining a variety of strengthening and lengthening core body strength. We will help to connect the mind with the body together through proper breathing, and control. This class will utilize every muscle in the body and even take you to your shaking point! Shaking is welcome! You will be lengthening tight, tense muscles and strengthening weak underdeveloped ones. Repetitions are varied and intensity high. The outcome is a balanced body with long lean muscles. This class will focus primarily on the reformer. We will however incorporate the pilates chair, box, bands, bosu, the mat and other props throughout some of our exercises depending on the instructor and the day!


In this reformer light class we will take things at a slower pace. The burn out will be light. Like in any pilates class once you are familiar with the springs and movements you can increase the intensity when needed. The instructor will offer challenges along the way as well. You can expect this class to be a great way to slow down if you need and to be the perfect beginning class to startt with! We are excited to bring this new class style to the schedule!

TOWER classes

Energizing, mindful, and flowing, these classes combine the resistance of the springs and bars of the tower with the precise movements of mat work to create one of the best workouts of the mind and body that exists today. With only a limited amount of students per class, a tower class is an economical way to experience pilates on the equipment while also benefiting from the expert eye of the instructor.

Tower classes focus primarily on the tower.

CIRCUIT classes

Circuit Class is a combination of all our equipment. (the reformer, pilates chair, tower, jump, slide board, bosu, and some mat, a little of everything!) Its a low-impact, muscle-lengthening, and strengthening, sweaty workout that will challenge your mind and your body! If you are new to the reformer pilates this class would be best enjoyed after initiating yourself first with other classes on the schedule!

JUMP BOARD classes

In this upbeat and faster-paced class you will jump with low impact to a sweaty beat! Be prepared to be pushed physically and mentally as you burn calories getting your heart rate up throughout the entire class! Don’t be shy, your intensity is controlled by you! ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Our instructors are trained to give modifications throughout and will help to create an awesome burn for all levels! This style of class will strengthen the lower half of your body concentrating on the core (as always) the glutes and all angles of the inner, and outer thighs the quads, and the hammies! It’s a burner! Come prepared to get your sweat on!

LET’S MIX IT UP classes

This class changes week to week! You get the best of all our classes! The instructor will discuss with the clients weekly and see what they feel like for the next weeks class! Tower, jump, reformer…? ‍ So you want a say in what you get then be at class every week! Your body will thank you!

Mindful Movement

This class is specifically catered for those clients that want and need a pace that continues to stay slow. We want to create a safe and healthy environment that specifically meets the needs of our clients that desire more focus on the movement, and engagement of an exercise.  As we begin our journey with pilates or as our journey continues, creating a space to explore the foundational movements is our main goal in class. Our mind and body working together.  We want to focus on a pace that is controlled and slower to allow for more emphasis on strengthening through mobility that will in turn give us a better quality of life! This class will be catered to the growing needs and goals of our members that take this class. Be prepared to breathe and find the challenge in the mindful movements given throughout the class.